GECCO 2023 Workshop

Evolutionary Computation in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

The focus of this workshop is the use of nature-inspired approaches to central problems in computational biology and bioinformatics, including optimization methods under the umbrella of evolutionary computation.

Areas of interest include (but are not restricted to):
·        Genome and sequence analysis with nature-inspired approaches.
·        Biological network modeling and analysis.
·        Use of artificial life models such as cellular automata or Lindenmayer systems in the modeling of biological problems.
·        Study and analysis of properties of biological systems such as self-organization, self-assembled systems, emergent behavior or morphogenesis.
·        Hybrid approaches and memetic algorithms in the modeling of computational biology problems.
·        Multi-objective approaches in the modeling of computational biology problems.
·        Use of natural and evolutionary computation algorithms in protein structure classification and prediction (secondary and tertiary).
·        Integration of evolutionary computation algorithms with deep-learning architectures.
·        Mapping of protein and peptide energy landscapes.
·        Modeling of temporal folding of proteins.
·        Molecular optimization and design.
·        Binding, docking, and complexation.
·        Prediction of variant effects on stability, function, and dysfunction.
·        Evolutionary search strategies to assist cryo-electron microscopy and other experimental techniques in model building.
·        Surrogate models and stochastic approximations of computationally expensive fitness functions of biomolecular systems