¿Cuáles son los objetivos de Aepia?

Aepia es una asociación formada por docentes, investigadores y profesionales que comparten intereses en temas relacionados con la Inteligencia Artificial.

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Escuela de Verano de Inteligencia Artificial (ISSAI 2019)

ISSAI 2019: First Interdisciplinary Summer School on AI (http://issai.dei.uc.pt)


Focus Theme: “New paths for Intelligence"

Jointly organised by APPIA and AEPIA

June 5-7, 2019

Fórum Cultural de Cerveira, Vila Nova de Cerveira, Portugal


     - The works will start the 5th June at 9:00; participants are thus invited to arrive at Vila Nova de Cerveira on the evening of the 4th June.

     - The School will close on the 7th June, at the afternoon.

     The ISSAI is intended as an interdisciplinary forum with the aim to create a multi-directional flow between AI and other disciplines. The spirit of the meeting is that a forum where practitioners from different fields both present ideas from their fields and learn about ideas from other fields is the best atmosphere for all the disciplines to prosper together. The event is an initiative of the Portuguese and Spanish associations for AI (APPIA and AEPIA). It is aimed at graduate students, post-docs and researchers willing to advance their knowledge and gain new insights by actively participating in an interdisciplinary dialogue.

     The focus theme for the first edition in 2019 will be “New paths for Intelligence”.

Confirmed Lectures:

     - Luc Steels (Catalan Institute for Advanced Studies - ICREA):

     - Insights from evolutionary biology can be the basis of future AI

     - Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)

     - Early modern Mathematically Hardcoded Historical Reasoning: Is it Relevant for the Development of Artificial Intelligence?

     - Itziar de Lecuona (Universitat de Barcelona)

     - Making Technical, legal and social aspects of Artificial Inteliigence

     - JJ Merelo (University of Granada)

     - From computer science and engineering to AI: cloud native artificial intelligence and artificial life.

     - Jochen Büttner (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)

     - New tools for a long-established discipline: Using machine learning approaches for corpus research in the history of science

     - Nuno Sousa (University of Minho)

     - AI in medical arena

     - Tony Veale (University College Dublin)

     - Making Machines That Make Meaning: Exploring Spaces of Varying Dimensionality in Computational Creativity

     We invite all the graduate students, post-docs and researchers interested in this interdisciplinary forum to book these dates and pay attention to our website. The registration will open soon.


     The ISSAI will take place in the Fórum Cultural de Cerveira, which is the main stage of the prestigious Biennial of Art of Vila nova de Cerveira. This venue offers an excellent set up for three intensive days of lecturers, panels, formal and informal discussions, networking and fun.


     We have booked a number of places with controlled prices, primarily for students, in the Youth Hostel (Pousada da Juventude). Detailed information on how to apply will be available in ISSAI website soon.

     Vila Nova da Cerveira has a good offer of alternative accommodations available in the most known booking platforms.


- Amparo Alonso (University of A Coruña)

- Amílcar Cardoso (University of Coimbra)

- Luís Correia (University of Lisbon)

- Pablo Gervás (University Complutense of Madrid)

- Paulo Novais (University of Minho)

- Alicia Troncoso Lora (University Pablo de Olavide)



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